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In 1960, Empire began as a one-man operation in a humble garage in Wisconsin. Over the decades, Founder James Brush took his fledgling company to soaring heights. Empire is currently located on 170 acres in Onalaska, Wisconsin, and employs over 300 employees, and our facilities have expanded to encompass over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

With our expansive history in printing, we've put together a timeline of Empire Screen Printing. With it are a few landmarks in United States history for reference. To view more details on our green commitment, please visit our Go Green page, and take a look at our Awards page too.


2010s avengers

2019Avengers: Endgame sets records, grossing $1.2 billion worldwide on opening weekend.

2010s graphium

2018 — Empire expands capabilities with the Graphium.

2010s eclipse

2017 — "The Great American Eclipse" was visible across the entire United States.

2010s legacy

2017 — Empire converts a 6-color press into a UV LED 12-color Legacy press.

2010s fboy

2016 — Empire wins the Family Business of the Year award.

2010s kammann

2011 — Empire announces sustainable UV LED technology with the Kammann K-61 Eco-Press.

2010s ipad

2010 — Apple announces the iPad.

2010s nsm

2010 — Empire hosts the first National Sales Meeting.

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2000s 6 color

2008 — Empire has 6-color inline printing.

2000s empire snickers decal

2007 — Empire moves into the POP market.

2000s survivor

2007 — Reality television captivates the country.

2000s cutting

2006 — Empire adds digital cutting and routing.

2000s empire breaks ground

2006 — Empire breaks ground on 11,800 square foot addition.

2000s plane

2003 — Empire enters the aircraft market.

2000s ipod

2003 — Music file sharing services and personal audio players entice consumers.

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1990s flexo

1998 — Flexographic printing is introduced at Empire.

1990s seinfeld

1997Seinfeld becomes the most popular television sitcom of the decade.

1990s titanic

1997 — The movie Titanic is a hit, raking in the highest box office profits at the time.

1990s doming

1995 — Empire adds doming to its product line.

1990s electronics

1994 — Empire enters the electronic market.

1990s laser cutting

1993 — Empire adds laser cutting to its capabilities.

1990s empire mac

1992 — Empire's art department goes digital with the addition of its first Mac.

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1980s berlin wall

1989 — The Berlin Wall falls.

1980s cmn cards

1987 — The first Children's Miracle Network card is printed at Empire.

1980s nasa

1985 — Astronaut Dr. Loren Acton tours Empire and La Crosse. Empire also produces its first NASA decal.

1980s empire

1983 — A past look at Empire's manufacturing facility.

1980s computer

1982 — Time Magazine names the personal computer its "Man of the Year."

1980s empire exercise equipment

1982 — Empire branches into the exercise equipment market.

1980s mtv

1981 — Cable television network spawns the music video industry with MTV.

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1970s star wars

1977Star Wars hits theaters for the first time.

1970s microwave

1977 — The microwave becomes a mass market consumer product

1970s empire new hq

1975 — Empire completes new corporate headquarters.

1970s brush cal

1974 — Empire introduces the first Brush-Cals..

1970s disco

1974 — Disco influences fashion and culture.

1970s empire toy tractor

1974 — Empire produces decals for the toy market.

1970s empire apliance market

1973 — Empire moves into the appliance market.

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1960s moon landing

1969 — Man lands on the moon.

1960s empire marco road

1967 — Empire moves to its current location on Marco Road. Early customers include Amoco, Sears, Case, and Bunn-O-Matic.

1960s packers superbowl

1966 — The Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl I.

1960s agriculture

1965 — Empire expands into the agricultural market.

1960s beatles

1964 — The Beatles come to America.

1960s seasoning

1960 — Empire's first customer is Pleasoning Gourmet Seasoning.

1960s empire garage

1960 — James A. Brush starts his new company: Empire Screen Printing. Empire's first production facility opens in his garage.

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