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national sales meeting speaker introduction

"I'd like to thank especially Jennifer and Doug for their outstanding dedication, organization, management and engaging human interface skills. What a team to applaud and respect so easily! Thank you all again and we look forward to 2020."

— Peter Weber, dlp imaging corp.

stream creative presentation

"We found [your vendor show] to be very beneficial business-wise and also a fine time with your team and other suppliers. You and your team should be commended for a job well done!"

— Michael Beck, Phoseon Technology

crowd at national sales meeting

"It was a pleasure finally meeting [Lori] in person yesterday at the event. It was my first time to attend and I was very impressed by your company. I will plan to make this a 'must attend' in the future."

— Steve Paskach, Arrowhead

northwest graphic supply

"Your shop is very impressive and I have never seen its equal in the 42 years in this industry. Congratulations on your outstanding success."

— Tim Merrifield, Cubbison


"Thank you so much for organizing the Partners in Printing Show. It was the best one yet! You and your team did a fantastic job with all of the logistics, speakers, Wisconsin BBQ, Networkers Afterparty, vendor fair, plant tours, and the charity golf tournament. I am very impressed and honored to be a part of such a great company, especially after hearing oodles of positive comments from other reps, vendors, and especially from customers. My customers walked away with a better understanding of our capabilities and discussed new ideas which is very exciting. Job well done, thank you!"

— Sharon Erler, Empire Screen Printing

wilson manufacturing company

"I especially appreciate [John Freismuth's] openness to share in what [he] has set up and accomplished to date. [John] is a truly generous and giving person who looks at the big picture and really someone who we should all emulate to become better leaders in our organizations."

— Edward Cook, Jr., ECI

empire's green tier award

"I wanted to thank you for the awesome sales meeting. I hope that Ira had a good time golfing with us. He is an avid bow hunter and a very nice guy."

— Rich Buetow, Knight/Reber & Associates

wisconsin bbq

"Empire has sure changed through the years and all for the better.  You can be proud to work for such a progressive company!"

— Jeannie Wettig, Bosch

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