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Green Commitment (PDF)

ink department

Our inks are 100% UV, a much healthier option than solvent-based inks that create toxic air pollutants. Since 1988, we've practiced solvent reclamation and ink recycling practices.

kammann press

We're the world's first company to implement UV LED ink curing in screen printing. This creates no ozone emissions, reduces energy consumption, and eliminates the need for high-energy mercury bulbs. Learn more about UV LED with Prezi.

12-color press

90% of our screen printing uses UV LED.

screen making

We use digital direct-to-screen and direct-to-plate units. This is less hazardous than using film chemicals.

screen making

Our Dane 250 has reduced the number of touches per screen by half, which ultimately makes the processes more efficient, consistent, and safer for the employees.

electric car

The vehicle fleet are gas/electric hybrids, driving down fuel costs.


Lighting and HVAC system upgrades move us towards energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly refrigerants.


We've implemented a plant-wide recycling program, diverting 938 tons of waste from going to the landfill.

computer work

Instead of using paper for our workflow, we digitally send out proofs, quotes, notifications, and online orders.

production floor

We promote sustainability in production through the lean business model and cellular manufacturing.

green team

Our Green Team researches and evaluates ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle at all levels of the company.

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