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Our Mission

At Empire, we are dedicated to being a cutting-edge print supplier. We create custom products that enrich our customers' brand and identity by providing a friendly, knowledgeable customer experience every time.

Our Vision

Empire is customer focused. We listen to both our internal and external customers and look to improve based upon their input. Through relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, we work to grow our customer base and make our company strong. We develop our people by investing in education and training to empower them to make improvements to the products, services, processes and themselves. We concentrate on implementing sustainable production methods that are environmentally safe to protect our planet for future generations.

Our Core Values

Respect: Create a culture that inspires creativity and regard for one another's input and contributions.

Integrity: Demonstrate sound moral and ethical values to instill trust with our employees, customers, suppliers, and within our community.

Responsibility: Take the initiative to lead by example and challenge oneself to shape the future.

Continual Improvement: Have the ability to not only accept change, but to look for it through strategic goals and teamwork.

Knowledge: Take every opportunity to learn and share one's expertise.

Excellence: Never settle for "good." Strive for greatness.

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