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An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) creates products to sell to another company. That company in turn retails the product under its own brand name. We print for several OEM industries, because quality products start with quality components.

In our 150,000 square foot facility, Empire offers full service solutions, such as pre-press, an assortment of printing options, laminating, die-cutting, assembly, inspection, kitting, and packaging. Plus, we convert our own stock, make our own screens, manufacture dies, and build printing machinery. We are a complete source for all your printing needs.

Reasons Why Over 20 Fortune 500 Companies Choose Empire

  • ISO 9001:2015: Ensures consistent product throughout production
  • Buying power: Offers competitive pricing for our customers
  • Partnerships: The strength of 60+ years industry experience buildling supplier and customer relationships
  • Award winning: Recognized by customers such as Igloo, American Locker, and Gardner Denver Thomas, as a top quality supplier.
  • WI Family Business of the Year Winner
  • Wisconsin Green Tier 1 certified since 2013
  • PRINTING United Sustainable Recognition Award
  • 2022 Sustainable Business Award for Innovative Service: UV LED Curing (WSBC)
  • Nominee for Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award
  • SGIA Safety Recognition
  • WI Green Masters
  • Ranked in Printing Impressions top 300 printers

Why Fortune 500 POP companies choose Empire (PDF)




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